About me

Welcome to Fitnhealthyu.com, a natural health, wellness and fitness website.

I am Amirtha (meaning elixir, a magical potion which makes people immortal and young forever, according to hindu mythology).

I am an accountant by profession. I grew up listening and learning simple natural remedies practiced by my family. My grandmother Amirthammal was a famous ayurvedic doctor in Cuddalore, Tamil nadu, India. We still have homemade medicines and ayurvedic books in her remembrance.

I created this website to spread the knowledge I possess to help fellow human beings utilise the natural remedies available.

This website is on natural health, wellness and fitness, concentrating on the famous alternative medical therapies – Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy and Yoga.

I have plans of adding chinese herbal and acupuncture remedies in future.

Most of the remedies suggested here are tried and tested by me or otherwise I had mentioned source of the remedies suggested in the post.

You can contact me to appreciate or suggest any improvements. Please feel free to ask for new remedies not mentioned in this website or any clarifications needed. Any questions on health and fitness are welcome. I will try to answer to my best.

Ayurveda / Siddha/ Nature cure practitioners are welcome to contact me to give suggestions or take suggestions. I would also like to create a database of practitioners willing to provide users valuable guidance for free or for a nominal fee, in future. Please contact me, if interested.


Anything contained in this website, whether it is text, images or videos, it is copyright protected by law.


I have mentioned about the sources of the remedies suggested, wherever possible. I am not a qualified ayurvedic doctor and personally I am not liable for any issues or problems caused by using the remedies.