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Neem is an extremely popular tree know for its ayurvedic medical properties, for ages. Every part of the tree is used for multiple health problems.

Neem leaves are considered very powerful in removing bacteria and virus. Children affected with small pox or chicken pox, neem leaf bed helps in speedy recovery. Its a popular custom to tie neem leaves to the front door, in some asian countries, to get rid off harmful bacteria entering the house.

Neem leaves are bitter in taste. They balance out vata and removes toxins from our body.

  • Skin problems – Mix neem paste with turmeric powder and apply to skin, to get rid of skin problems including infections, eczema, ring worms and burns. You can also try drinking water boiled with neem leaves.
  • Hair problems – Wash your hair regularly with neem water for getting rid of dandruff and fungal infections. Use a pillow cover filled with neem leaves for sleeping in the night for getting rid of lice.
  • Boosting immunity – Neem leaves are rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It prevents damage caused by free radicals and protects the body from harmful bacteria.
  • Improves digestion – Neem leaves are very beneficial for the liver. Eat neem leaves regularly, atleast once a week to cleanse your digestive system.
  • Healthy teeth – Brush teeth with neem twigs brush. It helps fight germs and infections. It even prevents plaque formation. ¬†Alternatively, you can try chewing some neem leaves twice a week to maintain oral health.

Though neem is extremely beneficial for your health, pregnant women should avoid eating neem.

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