How to quit smoking through natural ways?

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Quit smoking through natural ways

Smoking is bad for your health, particularly lungs. Every cigarette decreases 11 minutes of your life time. Studies have suggested that smoking reduces as much as 10 years of your life. Too much to lose?

Sooner you quit, healthier you will be. Quit smoking today. Below tips help you do it.

  • Drink plenty of liquids during first 3 days.
  • Ginseng helps prevent dopamine release, found in nicotine. Add it to your breakfast, in small amounts.
  • Don’t stay hungry. Always keep healthy snacks to nibble upon like carrot sticks, popcorn,fruits.
  • If you are addicted to smoking after a meal, consider eating a dessert or chocolate at the end of the meal, instead of smoking.
  • Distract from the thought of smoking – Watch TV, call a friend or concentrate on your work or hobby.
  • Reward yourself whenever you are successful. It can be anything for a smokeless day in the first 2 weeks.
  • When you have the urge to smoke, brush teeth. This helps in reducing the urge to smoke.
  • You can eat healthy snacks whenever you feel like smoking.
  • Practice deep breathing, whenever you want to get rid of unwanted cravings.
  • Wear a rubber band around wrist and snap it whenever you have cravings, to remind yourself about reasons to quit.
  • Exercises or active sports involvement helps you distract from cigarette urges.

First 72 hours are the most difficult to reduce cigarette cravings. It takes 14 days to recover from physical withdrawal , 48 days to recover fully and 3 months to sleep without thinking of smoking. Remember even a single puff can destroy all your efforts to quit smoking.



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